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This page is a work in progress.  I aim to add more content.  Eventually.

Drawing Bearings Using a Protractor
This video demonstrates how to draw bearings using a protractor, including cases where you are asked to draw a bearing of more than 180°.
Primary to Nat 4
Scale Drawings Using Bearings
This video demonstrates how to make scale drawings involving bearings. It will help you to answer questions such as: Ship A travels on a bearing of 050° from port for 6km, and Ship B travels from port on a bearing of 310° for 7.5km. How far apart are the two ships?
Primary to Nat 4
Transformation of Graphs 2 - Changes "Inside" the Function
Drawing the graphs of y = f(x + c) and f(bx) from the graph of y = f(x).
Transformations of Graphs 1 - Changes "Outside" the function
How to draw the graphs of y = a f(x) and y = f(x) + d from the graph of f(x).
Understanding Composite Functions (SQA Higher)
How to compose functions.
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